Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bitten by Laziness Bug!




Uh, belated Happy Lunar New Year.

Aye, for the past few weeks i've been kinda lazy, not been keeping up with updates on this blog.

Work is ... the same, i still need to maintain or exceed my current standards - i.e. i'm doing 'ok' but there's definitely room for improvement.

Next sat is the monthly discussion mtg, i've also got to prepare an article out of the SSA Times as presentation material - that leaves me with a little over 5 days (minus today) to work with, so i'd better organise my time accordingly after work.

Been tweaking with some pics in my collection again after i stumbled upon heheh - essentially this livens up my startup screen when i boot up my NDS.

Each theme eats up roughly 0.5 mb, & with 4 themes (out of max of 12 allowable on the R4-card) this means these files take up about 2 mb of my 2 GB micro-SD card.

Over in WoW, after tagging along to Zul'Farrak, Bakchormee the rogue is now Lv45! I'm also shooting bullets to train up Marksmanship (or gunmanship? >_> ) its at LV150s currently. I should also max out my Throwing (Lv210s atm) next.

I'll load some pics in the next update :3

Monday, February 4, 2008

Yet another 2-week break :x

Bleh, time flies so fast - 2 weeks have since gone by again, & chinese new year is on this coming thursday & friday.

There's also nothing much to write as well. I have not logged on into WoW during the entire 2 weeks, instead spending my free time offline on my NDS (playing Advance Wars days of ruin, & FF12 Revenant Wings), reading (magazines & newspapers mostly) or sleeping.

And the list of things i need to do goes on... such as:
-ironing my shirts :x
-reading & sharing the Gosho with others
-buying screen protector for my digital camera (i keep forgetting lol)
-re-organise my army stuff to prepare for the trip to thailand in Sep.
-and hopefully set aside an hour each day for WoW; i really should psych myself again to play before i totally lose interest & quit playing hmm.

Off to work i go now!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Odyssey

I did log on to WoW during this week; however i did not level a bit (just went in to check auction, then logged out) :P

Work was particularly harsh during the week - many home loan applications meant staying back after office hours to clear work; i also missed out on the nanyang chapter ymd daimokukai organised by daniel on thursday as a result.

Probably partially because of stress, & lack of wisdom in dining (i was literally taking fast food meals for dinner throughout the week), i was afflicted by persistent cough, running nose & sore throat. I sought treatment from the TCM (Ma Kuang's) clinic on Sat, & the physician cautioned me to lay off on those fried, oily stuff & also to avoid cold drinks & dessert. Serves me right i guess >.>

*TCM= traditional chinese medicine.

So today i left my house at 6am, in order to be able to attend the first YMD leaders daimokukai / prayer session (its held on every 3rd sunday of each month, which Jan'08 being the first such session yep). I didn't regret it though, as we were able to do some spirited chanting, followed by some sharing on the Human Revolution by Vice Gen-Director Tay.

After the sharing session, i made a determination to put aside some $$$ in Feb to buy the abridged version of Daisaku Ikeda's Human Revolution, which took him 28 yrs to finish writing (and also to finish up reading on those books i had already bought too lol) :D

At 10am i was tempted to go down to Telok Blangah to sign up for NDP'08, but i didn't feel up to it, as i am still suffering from the occassional coughing bouts; in addition i had promised my mom to visit grandma while i was in Tampines.

So, after running some errands in the area on my mom's behalf, i spent the next 1 hr watching tv-cum-chatting with my grandma (my mom's mom yep), before heading to HQ ICA for the Sunday Odyssey at 1pm.

While the video show wasn't perfect (the voice of the narrator somehow ended up being high-pitched & squeaky, making me wish there were subtitles..), the sharing sessions by our senior leaders were definitely excellent & enriching.

Its also a pity that we were only able to visit 2 kaikans (HQ ICA, & either Senja or Jurong kaikan; we were assigned to Senja).

In short, thru' the sharing of the experiences, the senior leaders urged us to inherit the 'never say die' & 'can-do' spirit, which incidentally are part of the 'Gakkai' spirit.

The event ended at 6pm, and i reached home at around 7pm.

Now, as i type this entry & staring at my half-eaten takeaway dinner, i ponder on how i can encourage my members in their daily lives.

Also, i have to recover ASAP! The cough is scaring people around me (office, in public transport, & even my parents, since i'm essentially robbing them & myself of much needed Zzz during my coughing fits).

Bleargh. Forgot to buy bread for my mom. Until next week then! >.>;

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pics! (ok so i was bored..)

Dunno if some of you may remember, i posted this pic in Dec'06, before i broke my old modem:
Now, taking a break before i clean the rest of the house, i decided to take a few pics of my room (below) :P

lu lu lu...

And 1 more!

And err, a random pic of a plant (taken a few days ago, at a bus-stop near my house) :

OK, back to chores now >_>

Chores & yet more chores ^^;

This year, chinese new year is on the same week as Puru's birthday, i.e. during 2nd week of Feb.

So, i find myself busy with extra chores (yep, its the 'annual' spring cleaning thingy) in addition to work & showing up for SSA activities. Now i can fully appreciate why 'adults' seldom have time to play games..

As usual NDS is my only form of entertainment; in FF12, i've hit Lv80 on some of my chars & gotten Vaan's sword 'Anastasia' upgraded to +110 on all stats; just a few weeks more before i can finally kick the arse (hopefully) of those Lv99 beasts lol. Also put in some time to forge the Phantom Sword (Zelda: Phantom Hourglass), now i can either go around getting all the sidequests done, or go straight for the boss :D

Tried out Picross, can't say i like it though - navigating thru' the 20 x 20 puzzles on the small screen doesn't cut it for me.

And so i am still Lv43 in WoW for the xth consecutive week (gosh i actually lost count) XD

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to Usual

I spent the last week uneventfully - i.e. doing the usual chores, & attending various SSA-related events; i didn't even log on to WoW even once during the entire week >_>

Still, i was pleasantly surprised by Astara's sms :)

My mom seems to be ok so far, despite her taking up some chores (washing / drying / collecting clothes, cooking her own meals, & the like) recently - we'll be praying she'll be able to similarly recover as fast, after the next chemo session which will be scheduled on 15th Jan.

I've totally neglected the WoW front; aside from lack of time (i was mostly out of the house for the past week), i've also found my interest waning steadily - i guess its, the longer you stay away, the less tempting it is to actually play it.

And so i rely on my trusty NDS to pass the time - currently either playing some mini-games (in Zelda: Phantom Hourglass), or trying to get Vaan & company (FF12: Revenant Wings) to Lv99 while i'm travelling.

For once i actually got to oversleep a little (my mom wanted me to shop for groceries instead of the usual trip to Senja culture center for chanting session just now) - even so, i must remind myself not to slacken in my practice :x

And so, its back to studying the Gosho (The Eternal Teachings of Nichiren Daishonin), & Ikeda sensei's guidance lol

Till next week :P

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Resolution 2008

Well, my resolution for 2008 is pretty much a cut-&-paste of the one i made a year ago:

1.For my mom to win in her battle against cancer.
2.For me to get a job (for 2008, it'd be for me to be able to handle challenges @the workplace).
3.To be able to strike a balance between work, play & rest yep :D

In WoW, i've resolved to set aside at least 3 hrs per week, which will start from next tuesday :P

Hopefully i can hit Lv70 (still Lv43 now lol) before end of next year heh

In FFXI, i finally bade Purutaru & Yuumei a final farewell - cancelled my bro's a/c yesterday night.

Aside from freeing up some $$$, I'm also putting my driving lessons & dental braces on hold, in case if i need the funds for any emergency.

Well, it looks set to be a busy week ahead, as i juggle chores with work & maybe some WoW time as well.

Happy 2008 to all ^^